Let’s take your game to the next level!  We can help your team move forward with a keynote or workshop on topics such as:

Effective Communication

Strategies and techniques to present your ideas, strengthen relationships and build winning teams.

Football for Business

Team-building workshop that educates diverse audiences on the fundamentals of football and explain analogies often used in business.

Personal Branding

Differentiate yourself and learn to be intentional about what you project to accomplish your goals.


One-on-one professional development to help you establish goals, develop an action plan and live a championship life.

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We’re excited to see that you are ready to train and retool!  In addition to the topics listed, Shavannia can customize a program. We will discuss your end goal and develop the right playbook for you.

    You must train and retool.  What made you successful yesterday, will not be enough for you to even compete today.

    Shavannia Williams – Founder + CEO, Heels & Helmets