About Us

Heels & Helmets was ignited from a sassy spirit, passion for women and a belief that sports can breakdown barriers and eradicate injustice.  We bring women together through Business, Fashion, Fitness and Sports to create meaningful partnerships, opportunities for women and develop SHEMAKERS.

SHEMAKER (n.) she·mak·er | shē-mā-kər 

A woman (or man) who is very skilled and successful and helps women succeed.


Mission: Develop “SHEMAKERS”

Women are powerful.  Our priority is utilizing sports to unleash this power and develop women to be innovative, confident and equipped to reach their full potential. This ultimately makes our children healthier and our world better.

Vision: Level Playing Field for “SHEMAKERS”

We believe in women. We respect women. We value women. We think it’s ridiculous that women do not have equal pay or access to capital. We will lead the way to tackling this issue.

Where We Began

After several conversations with female attorneys and lobbyists regarding football analogies used in business, our founder, Shavannia Williams, identified the need to educate women on sports for professional development. She launched a blog titled Heels & Helmets in January 2010. Her objective was to help ladies join the conversation at the office by educating professional women about football and explaining business analogies related to the game.   

With professional development as our foundation, Heels & Helmets now utilizes different sports to give women the tools they need to become SHEMAKERS.