SHEMAKER Videos + Podcast Coming 2021

SHEMAKER (n.) she·mak·er | shē-mā-kər 

A woman (or man) who is very skilled and successful and helps women succeed.

SHEMAKER is a weekly 30-minute program for women who are looking to take their personal and professional game to the next level.

Host, Shavannia Williams, aims to develop more big time shemakers by interviewing women who are experts in their field to provide career guidance and life lessons.  Male guests are championing women and advocating for women’s rights.  No sugar-coating here, guests are real about their careers, issues that impact women and how they achieved success.  They are diverse in industry, education and background, so all women — corporate, entrepreneur, stay-at-home mom or student — can gain valuable insight to get going.  Sprinkled in are some episodes of Shavannia going one-on-one with wit and sass, passing advice and encouragement to the audience.  This is the podcast to get tactics to navigating business, strategies to balancing life and inspiration to becoming a “SHEMAKER.”