SHEMAKER (n.) she·mak·er | shē-mā-kər: A woman (or man) who is very skilled and successful and helps women succeed.

SHEMAKERS is a weekly program for women who are looking to take their personal and professional game to the next level.

Hostess, Shavannia Williams, aims to develop more big time SHEMAKERS by interviewing women who are experts in their field to provide career guidance and life lessons.  Male guests are championing women and advocating for women’s rights.  No sugar-coating here, guests are real about their careers, issues that impact women and how they achieved success.  They are diverse in industry, education and background, so all women — corporate, entrepreneur, stay-at-home mom or student — can gain valuable insight to develop their playbook to win in business and life.  Sprinkled in are some episodes of Shavannia going one-on-one with wit and sass, passing advice and encouragement to the audience.  This is the show to get tactics to navigating business, strategies to balancing life and inspiration to becoming a SHEmaker.

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Episode 6

Diana Ruiz is the CEO and Founder of Women’s Global Leadership Initiative. Since 2008, Diana has served as a professional advisor for women’s leadership and economic development in several communities throughout the United States, Latin America, the Balkan Region and women in STEM associations in Tunisia and Turkey. Diana resides in San Francisco, where WGLI is headquartered. The daughter of pro-democracy Cuban revolutionaries, Diana continues to build on her family’s legacy through believing in the possibility of a more just world. Diana received her BA in organizational behavior from the University of San Francisco and has worked for more than 20 years in finance, sales, mediation and labor negotiations. 

Women’s voice matter. How can you lead in all areas of your life? This SHEmaker has some answers.

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Upcoming Guests

Tasha Cole – Deputy Executive Director and Chief Diversity Officer at Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Allison Filmore – Executive Director, PGA Tour TOUR Championship

Joyette Jones-Geday – Director or People and Culture, Atlanta Hawks

Jennell Lynch – Principal Founder & CEO, Executive Doula Agency / Former Deputy Press Secretary Sen Hillary Rodham Clinton

Sarah Kate Noftsinger – Head of Sports Marketing – Soccer, adidas

Naomi Patton – Vice President Communications, Catalyst, Inc.

Ellen Hill Zeringue – Vice President Marketing, Detroit Tigers

Previous Episodes

Episode 5

Gail Dent is Associate Director of Communications at the NCAA headquarters where she works with national media and focuses on communications surrounding NCAA issues and programs. She is an adjunct professor in higher education who teaches in person and virtually, sharing her experiences in communications. Previously, she worked for the U.S. Olympic Committee and the athletics communications department at the University of Kentucky.

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Episode 4

Chincie Mouton is the Director of Business Connect at the Los Angeles Sports & Entertainment Commission (LASEC), where she works to identify and connect local and diverse businesses in Los Angeles County with professional development, networking and sub-contracting opportunities directly linked to large-scale sports and entertainment events such as Super Bowl LVI and the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Mouton gave solid advice on conducting your job search and the essential things businesses need to get contracts on large events.

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Episode 3

Kali Franklin is currently the Vice President, Human Resources at New York City Football Club. She is recognized as a transparent and communicative leader, who drives results through influence and collaboration. Kali has been successful implementing human resources strategies within a small, family business, large organizations such as Target and Microsoft and sports.

Franklin kept it 200 on getting in sports and the need for women to negotiate.

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Episode 2

We celebrated National Girls and Women in Sports Day and African American History Month with a trailblazer in professional football, Jennifer King!

Coach King made history on January 26, 2021 when she was announced as the Assistant Running Backs Coach for the Washington Football Team and became the first African-American woman to be a full-time assistant position coach in the NFL. 

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Episode 1

In the kickoff episode, Shavannia Williams went one-on-one with viewers and opened her playbook, 10 Steps to Move the Chains to Your Comeback!    

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