2016 Men’s Basketball Team USA

USA Basketball unveiled its official roster for the 2016 U.S. Olympic Men's Basketball Team.  NBA foes will play together to bring home the gold for the third consecutive Olympics.  Pending final approval by the United States Olympic Committee, here are the 12 men who will represent the USA on the

The King Reigns And Delivers A MiraCLE

Cleveland, Ohio is on fire.  Their son, hero, king of the hardwood has them burning with excitement and pride.  Rockin' #23 they are all witnesses.  Hard to believe that six years ago those jerseys were in flames fueled by hate and anger.  Not now. Greatness and Cleveland was an oxymoron.  They

Photos Show Ali Still Fighting

Last Friday, heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali died at the age of 74.  The fighter who boasted that "the champ is here," is here no longer. As an intern at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, I was at the opening ceremony and witnessed Ali light the Olympic cauldron.  It was

Hawaiian Baked Beans

The 2016 NFL Draft started.  As NFL Teams select their next group of players, I am thinking about tailgate food. Watching the selected rookies don their team's hat had me craving brisket, potato salad and baked beans.  What else says tailgate like that? Here is how I turn canned vegetarian baked

Denver Broncos defense shuts down Cam Newton for Lombardi Trophy

Super Bowl 50 is done. Once again defense proved to be key for a world championship. The Denver Broncos defense dominated from the beginning of the game and did not give up. They blocked the running the game.  They obstructed the passing game.  They even prevented the NFL's Most Valuable Player,

Super Bowl 50: Special Teams

All week we discussed the offense and defense of the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos.  Today, I will highlight some of the special men on special teams for both teams. They will determine field position and can end the game with one kick.  Read “special men will make or break you” for more

50 Motivational Quotes from Super Bowl Winning Coaches

It is Super Bowl Week!  In celebration of the 50th “Big Game,” I went to the coaches who have won it all for motivation and words of wisdom on leading teams. I did not find a direct quote on leadership from each coach.  In those cases, I used an answer from an interview or a quote from a player

Super Bowl 50: Panthers on Defense

The Panthers defense is not the top defense, but they are first in interceptions. In the NFC championship game, they forced Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer to throw four interceptions. Meet the players on the Panthers defense who will most likely start or play a major role on Sunday. Go

Super Bowl 50: Broncos on Offense

The Broncos are in their second Super Bowl in three years. Two years ago when they played the Seattle Seahawks in the championship game, the offense completely fell a part. They only scored once in the third quarter and loss by 35 points.  The Panthers are going to put up some points, so the Broncos

Super Bowl 50: Broncos on Defense

The Panthers offense scored more points than any other team in the NFL. In the championship game, they will face the league's toughest defense. Meet the players on the Broncos defense who will most likely start or play a major role on Sunday. Go back to Defense Wins Championships! to review the

Super Bowl 50: Panthers on Offense

The Carolina Panthers are headed to their second Super Bowl in franchise history. As they went through the regular season winning all of their games except one, everyone kept asking, "Are the Panthers real?" It is safe to say that they are indeed real. Captained by their multi-talented and charismatic