Sports Word of the Week! PICK SIX

Pick Six (American Football) -  An interception that is returned for a touchdown. Join the Conversation The game was over after that pick six.

NFL Numbers for the Boardroom: Week 15

Just two games left in the season.  Three teams in the AFC have clinched their playoff spot: New England Patriots (AFC East), Indianapolis Colts (AFC South) and Denver Broncos (AFC West).  The NFC is not as clear.  Only the Arizona Cardinals (NFC West) have clinched a playoff spot. Numbers for the

NFL Numbers for the Boardroom: Week 14

December is here.  I can not believe that it is the last month of the regular season.  No more "bye" weeks.   Teams are pushing for the playoffs.  Who will make it? Numbers for the boardroom 12 The New England Patriots clinched their 12th straight 10-win season  (second-longest streak in NFL

2014 – 2015 College Football Bowl Schedule

College football will have its first playoff to name a Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) Champion.  The new playoff system will feature the top four teams, two semifinals played in bowl games and a championship game between the semifinals' winners.  Yesterday the teams in the playoffs were

Sports Word of the Week! Dual-Threat Quarterback

Dual-threat quarterback (American Football) -  A quarterback who is skilled at passing (throwing) and rushing (running) the football. Join the Conversation The secondary is good, but Cam Newton is a dynamic dual-threat quarterback; they will need to figure out how to stop him on the ground.

NFL Numbers for the Boardroom: Week 13

So much happened during the Thanksgiving weekend.  Detroit Lions wide receiver showed that he is not slowing down at all.  Running back Ray Rice won his appeal against the NFL for his suspension.  Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny "football" Manziel finally played.  The Browns lost, but

Sports Word of the Week! False Start

False start (American Football) -  An offensive player moving before the ball is snapped.  It is a foul and results in a 5-yard penalty. Join the Conversation They were penalized twice for a false start during the last drive of the game.  The stadium was loud!

NFL Numbers for the Boardroom: Week 12

I had a late night on Sunday, but, "How about those Cowboys?!"  It was worth staying up to see them hang on and beat the New York Giants.  I am late this week, so let's get right to our numbers for Week 12 and on today's NFC showdown! Numbers for the boardroom 3 Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton

Sports Word of the Week! Weak side

Weak side (American Football) - The side of the offense opposite of where the tight end is lined up (when one tight end is used) or the side with the fewest offensive players at the line of scrimmage.  (The center divides the offense.) Join the Conversation The blitz came on the weak side.

NFL Numbers for the Boardroom: Week 11

Week 11 in the NFL was full of surprises.  Injuries hindered some teams, new starters got a chance to show their stuff and weaknesses were exposed.  The biggest disappointment was Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez.  After having a great game last week in his first start with the Eagles,

Sports Word of the Week! FBS

FBS (American College Football) - Football Bowl Subdivision, formerly known as Division I-A, is the top level of college football, which is currently the only National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) sponsored sport without an organized tournament to determine its champion. Join the Conversation In

NFL Numbers for the Boardroom: Week 10

Yesterday, I watched the Red Zone Channel for the first time and loved it! No commercials or timeouts, just football.  Initially, I was afraid that I was going to miss something, but I did not.  I was able to watch the best parts of every game.  It was awesome!  I am enamored with my new love affair,