New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter ends career at archrival

Yesterday afternoon, New York Yankees shortstop played his final professional baseball game against the teams archrival the Boston Red Sox.  For the past two decades, he has worn the Yankees' uniform and won five World Series titles.  All of the magic concluded with an infield single against Red Sox

Sports Word of the Week! BACKFIELD

Backfield (American Football) - Area on the offense behind the line of scrimmage where the quarterback and running backs line up. Join the Conversation He was tackled in the backfield so they lost yards on the play.

Sports Word of the Week! RUSH

Rush (American Football) - Rush is used to describe defense and offense action. Defense: Charging to tackle the player (quarterback, kicker or punter) before the ball is thrown or kicked. Offense: A player (mainly running backs) advancing the ball by running. Join the Conversation The offense

Sports Word of the Week! AUDIBLE

Audible - A play called by the quarterback at the line of scrimmage to completely change or alter the initial play that was called in the huddle.  It is based on how the defense is aligned and how many defenders are in the box. Join the Conversation The quarterback saw a safety walk into the box

No Bolt in San Diego Chargers Opener

*Going to borrow from the Larry King style of writing (when he wrote “column” for USA Today) and use short, semi-incomplete thoughts. SD Chargers lose to Arizona Cardinals 18-17 on Monday, September 8th in first game of 2014 NFL season. I’m not a professional sportswriter, but if I were,

Sports Word of the Week! THE BOX

The Box - The area on the defense side of the ball that consists of defensive linemen and linebackers.  Defensive backs are added to defend against the opposing team's offense's rush or running game. Join the Conversation The defense has eight men in the box, so it is going to be tough for the offense

The NFL is Back!

It is NFL Kickoff Eve!  The NFL regular season kicks off tomorrow with the defending Super Bowl Champions, the Seattle Seahawks, hosting the Green Bay Packers.  The Seahawks are hype, the Legion of Boom is ready and the 12th Man in CenturyLink Field will be loud.  Seattle will defend home and start

Is Title IX Still Relevant?

My current work in Title IX and athletics elicits a wide range of questions and comments. The common denominator of most questions is whether the benefits and opportunities afforded millions of girls and young women are real and provide long term benefits. After all, they posit, they don't have the

Super Bowl is headed to the Twin Cities

Super Bowl LII will be hosted at the Minnesota Vikings' new stadium in 2018.  A shiny new stadium with the latest technology and superior amenities outweighed February weather in the Twin Cities.  The Minnesota Super Bowl Committee was not on the defense about the weather.  They were completely on

Sports Word of the Week! TRIPLE CROWN

Triple Crown (baseball) - When a batter leads the National League or American League in batting average, home runs, and runs batted during the regular season. Join the Conversation I still cannot believe that Miguel Cabrera won the triple crown in 2012! The last time someone won the triple crown

Sports Word of the Week! TRIPLE DOUBLE

Triple Double (Basketball) - When a player reaches double digits in three stat categories, such as points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks. Join the Conversation -Did you see Rajon Rondo last night had 14 points, 10 assists, and 12 rebounds? -Yeah I had heard he got a triple double.

Sports Word of the Week! DUGOUT

Dugout - The name for the teams bench in Baseball. The home and away dugouts are located in between home plate and first base, and third base and home plate.  Join the Conversation Did you see the reactions of the players in the Angels dugout after Mike Trout hit that home run just now?