Sports Word of the Week!

      Dugout- The name for the teams bench in Baseball. The home and away dugouts are located in between home plate and first base, and third base and home plate.  Join the Conversation Did you see the reactions of the players in the Angels dugout after Mike Trout hit

Sports Word of the Week!

      Pro Day – college athletes, in this case, College Football players, performing their skills and talents for NFL scouts Join the Conversation Who do you think had the better pro day, former Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater or former USF quarterback Blake Bortles?

The story of the 2014 National Championship

      The stage could not have been set more perfectly. A 7 seed versus a 8 seed (which to date is the highest combined seeding to meet in a championship game). Kentucky was starting all first year players, something that only one other team has ever done, a certain young group

Sports Word of the Week!

Cut down the nets - Tradition of the winning team’s coaches and players to cut the net off of the basketball hoop.  The coaches and players get a piece for souvenirs and the net is given to the school to showcase in a trophy case. This game is over; pass the scissors to Coach Donovan to cut down

Final Four Preview – Florida

Florida finished off the last 3 weeks as the #1 team in the country following Syracuse's late regular season demise. However, Florida is used to the College Basketball spotlight. They won the Championship back to back seasons in '05-'06 and '06-'07, behind the leadership of present day Chicago Bulls

Final Four Preview – Connecticut

The biggest bracket buster of them all, everyone was surprised to see Connecticut even advance out of the first round of the tournament! Coach Kevin Ollie took over the head coaching job after legendary coach Jim Calhoun decided to retire in 2012. During the 2012-2013 season, Connecticut was banned from

Final Four Preview – Wisconsin

When Wisconsin won on Saturday night, Bo Ryan was the happiest man in the world. He made it to his first Final Four. Bo Ryan has been coaching at Wisconsin since the 2001 season and has accumulated 321 wins and 120 losses during his time their, which is a commendable record. Stand-out Junior Frank Kaminsky

Final Four Preview – Kentucky

15 long days ago, every College Basketball fan in the country was filling out their brackets, talking trash about other peoples picks, prematurely gloating about how they were going to have the perfect bracket and win a fortune off of Warren Buffett, (which no one did), and pouring their heart out for

Sports Word of the Week!

Bracket Buster - A low-seeded team (usually a mid-major) that beats a highly ranked team that was predicted to do very well in the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament. Join the Conversation That Bracket Buster left me with only three teams in the Final Four.

Sports Word of the Week!

      Final Four - The four teams participating in the semi-finals of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament; One of them will be champions. Join the Conversation In my bracketology, Ohio State is going to lose in the first round; Florida, Arizona,

Gearing up for Bracket time!

It's that time of year again! Men's College Basketball brackets are what has been dominating the sports world the past couple of days as everyone anxiously tries to fill out the perfect bracket. There are endless ways to fill out a Bracket but here are 5 tips to help push you in the right direction while

March She’s A Playmaker – Jacqueline M. Northrop Baker

Jacqueline M. Northrop Baker is principal consultant and founder of Scarlet Communications.  She launched the company to provide consulting and coaching in the areas of etiquette and employee engagement. She strategically works to create solutions and discover opportunities that will further the growth