Sports Word of the Week! FRANCHISE TAG

Franchise or Tag (American Football, NFL) - Designating a player with a franchise tag which prevents him from becoming an unrestricted free agent.  The player is guaranteed a one-year contract with a salary that is similar to those of the top five in his position.  Teams can only use this tag on one

Sports Word of the Week! CAMPAIGN

Campaign (Baseball) - A full season in Major League Baseball. Join the Conversation Spring training started this week, the 2015 campaign is less than two months away!

Mango Pecan Crisp

Having friends over for dinner and the game? This is the perfect dessert.  The streusel is delicious!  I use it for toppings on several different dishes and desserts. MANGO PECAN CRISP Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 30 minutes Yield: 4 servings INGREDIENTS TOOLS 2 lb chopped mangos* 6

2015 NFL Scouting Combine

The NFL's interview process for players known as "The Combine" begins today.  It is an invitation-only event from February 17 - 23 in Indianapolis, Indiana at Lucas Oil Stadium.  More than 300 prospective NFL players will be examined mentally and physically.  NFL representatives from all 32 clubs

Sports Word of the Week! CHERRY PICKING

      Cherry Picking (Basketball) - When a player does not go to the other side of the court to play defense, but stays by his team's basket. Join the Conversation He limped like his ankle was hurting, but I think that he was cherry picking.

NFL teams focus on tackling free agency

Super Bowl XLIX is over, but that does not mean that the conversation about football is dormant until August.  During my days leading marketing for the Detroit Lions, I remember NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell preaching that we do not have an offseason.  He reminded us that our year was divided between

Sports Word of the Week! SWINGMAN

      Swingman - A player who can play multiple positions in a sport.  Basically he or she "swings" between positions. a. Basketball -  A player who can play small forward (The 3) and shooting guard (The 2). b. Hockey - A player who can play defenseman and forward. c.

Sports Word of the Week! DOUBLE COVERAGE

Double coverage (American Football) - When two defensive players cover one receiver. Join the Conversation He is the leading receiver in the league, they will have to use double coverage to stop him.

Super Bowl XLIX: Special Teams

All week we discussed the offense and defense of the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks.  Today, I will highlight some of the special men on special teams for both teams. (Go back to “special men will make or break you” to review why they are so special.)  The Patriots special teams did