Who is a Leader?

Have you ever wondered if you were born too early? It would be dishonest to tell you I didn't have this feeling after reading each story of the women entering the ranks of professional men's sports in ways never thought possible even a decade ago. A space simply off limits to me and countless other

A Road Less Traveled into the National Football League

I just finished watching the Dallas Cowboys and former LSU offensive lineman La’el Collins’ introductory press conference. As Jerry Jones, owner and general manger noted, press conferences for undrafted free agents in the NFL simply aren’t done. But, as Jones also noted, this isn’t your ordinary

Sports Word of the Week! 19TH HOLE

19th Hole (Golf) - The bar at the clubhouse on a golf course. Join the Conversation I am not on a foursome, but I will be ready to swing at the 19th hole.

Sports Word of the Week! ACE (Golf)

Ace (Golf) - When a player hits the ball into the hole on his first and only stroke. Also called a hole in one. Join the Conversation No one on my foursome got an ace on the course today.

Baseball players go to spring training, so should you

The 2015 Major League Baseball (MLB) campaign is in full swing.  Players did not go from vacation straight to bat.  They spent a month and a half getting ready for this campaign.  They used this time to perfect existing skills, develop new techniques and prepare to have the best season possible.  Just

Sports Word of the Week! FLOP

      Flop (Basketball) - When a player exaggerates and purposely falls to the ground after receiving little or no physical contact from an opponent.  The player is acting as if the opposing player caused him to fall, faking a foul to deceive the officials.  This can backfire

Sports Word of the Week! SIXTH MAN

      Sixth Man (Basketball) - A basketball player who is not a starter but gets a lot of playing time and plays more than the other reserve players. Join the Conversation He was the sixth man for the first two seasons and now he is the starting forward.

Sports Word of the Week! DROP BACK

Drop back (American football) - A quarterback takes a few steps back into the pocket after receiving the snap to prepare to pass.  Often used as an adjective to describe a quarterback's style. (drop-back)    Join the Conversation Ohio State has three quarterbacks all competing for the starting.

Sports Word of the Week! FREE AGENT

Free Agent (professional sports) - A professional athlete whose contract with his most recent team has expired; He can sign a new contract with any team that makes him an offer. Join the Conversation If Darelle Revis does not sign a new deal with the Patriots, he will be a free agent.