You will always find what you’re LOOKING for!


“Wow, how’d you hear about that?”

This is a question I’ve been asked numerous times in reference to various career and internship opportunities that I have secured, from working with the San Francisco Giants to ESPN Radio.  Many seem to be quite surprised by the sheer simplicity and lackluster response they receive.

“I didn’t hear about it, I found it.”

It is no secret that even for recent college graduates like myself job opportunities can be scarce. This is a fact that becomes even clearer when trying to break into the sports industry.  In a field that is vastly based on who you know and heavily weighted on experience, newcomers have no choice but to put themselves out there and actively seek out opportunities whether paid, unpaid, convenient or not. It is that statement that has been the foundation of my outlook on all career orientated opportunities.

In any career you choose you will be doing yourself a great disservice if you don’t actively seek out opportunities that will increase your marketability and grow your professional network.  75% of the experience on my resume came as a result of calling radio stations, athletic departments, and sports organizations to express my interest and offer my services.  In many cases I simply resorted to looking through department contact information and emailing staff members my resume, a small message about myself with contact information and a pleasant closing statement.

Not only has this given me experience, but also the connections I’ve made have proven to be invaluable.  These connections have been the same individuals to offer advice, pass on information about other career opportunities, give job references and even write letters of recommendation for graduate school.

If there was a collection of quotes to live by when navigating the path to your dream job one should definitely be “You will always find what you’re looking for.” I cannot count how many times I’ve heard about being on top of your game so you can be ready when opportunity knocks on your door. The truth of the matter is rarely will opportunity knock on your front door, it won’t have the chance because while your waiting for the knock someone is out there chasing it down and will catch it long before it reaches your street.

Posted on November 5, 2014 at 1:15 pm

Written by

Chaneal Malloy

Currently a senior audio production major, sports administration minor attending Howard University in Washington, DC. Upon graduating Chaneal plans to work in the production department of a sports based radio program and explore other career options. Chaneal has interned with the Fresno State Athletic Department, Dream 2 Destiny Film Productions and Central California based radio station B95. A native of Hanford, California, Chaneal loves all sports and is the ultimate Washington Redskins fan! Follow her on twitter @CMalloy13.
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