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Get your staff in the game and take your team to the next level!

Football for Business is a fun and interactive way to educate women on the fundamentals of football and explain analogies often used in business.  College and professional football players take the audience through real game examples.  Participants will not only understand the importance of an offensive tackle and the difference between a nickel and dime defense; they will be able to connect them to business strategies.

Tackle effective communication, leadership or managing training through the context of America’s game!


As of 2012*, only 14.3% of corporate officers in Fortune 500 companies are women.
Men continue to DOMINATE the boardroom.

Language and cultural barriers cause miscommunication, which negatively impacts an organization’s effectiveness.  Men tend to reference sport analogies in business conversations and many women do not understand the context.
Men and women COMMUNICATE differently.

Building a rapport with team members and clients is key to professional success.  Men build relationships through sporting events that women often feel excluded from.
Women must learn to effectively INCORPORATE sports in business.

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Heels&Helmets Workshops

Heels & Helmets’ football for business gave me an increased understanding of the game of football – in a way that was fun and relatable to the work I do each day.  It was a great team building exercise.  Shavannia Williams will have your team engaged, learning – and most of all – having a great time!
– Jessica Badger Manager, Learning and Conferencing, United Way Worldwide

Heels&Helmets Workshops
Shavannia Williams is an excellent public speaker!  Her Heels & Helmets football for business presentation is interesting and interactive.  The members of Financial Women’s Association-Manhattan were impressed with her knowledge and ability to break down football terminology and explain how they can be used in business.  It was a great event and we look forward to doing it annually.
– Freddy Smith, Vice-President, Global Private Client Firm
Download the Football For Business Brochure