Winter Wonderland? Not So Much!

Working out during the winter season can be a real drag.  Many will agree that even a beautiful day calls for a little motivation when attempting to lace up your workout shoes.  The chillier months however, call for an even bigger source of stimulus so in an attempt to keep those post holiday pounds at bay try utilizing this advice to ensure you maintain your physically active lifestyle during those unbearable winter months.

You must dress for the cold weather; if you’re not comfortable during your workouts you will be less likely to continue your regime and use it as an excuse.  Wear a warm hat if it is really cold and you may want to consider a scarf or something that comfortably covers your face.  Another effective tip is to wear mittens in the place of gloves so you will be allowed to ball your hand up into a fist, which will help tremendously with warmth.  It will also be beneficial to wear shoes that are snug and waterproof because winter weather can be so unpredictable and going home soaked is a cold just waiting to happen.  Lastly, clothing fabric made of wool or polypropylene will help to keep in the body heat you are creating during exercise.

Winter workouts don’t have to be a chore; with a little planning and effective tools the experience can prove to be almost as enjoyable as it would be on a beautiful day.  Implementing these tips into your seasonal workouts will provide you with the instruments to continue working towards your desired fitness goals even in harsh weather.  Once you have mastered the practical aspects of winter workouts like having the proper fabrics to ensure your warmth, you can then begin to have a little fun with the season and even make a fashion statement.  Some of your favorite retailers have begun making workout clothes that are not only practical but also fashionable.  Do you know any?

Posted on December 3, 2012 at 10:00 am

Written by

Chaneal Malloy

Currently a senior audio production major, sports administration minor attending Howard University in Washington, DC. Upon graduating Chaneal plans to work in the production department of a sports based radio program and explore other career options. Chaneal has interned with the Fresno State Athletic Department, Dream 2 Destiny Film Productions and Central California based radio station B95. A native of Hanford, California, Chaneal loves all sports and is the ultimate Washington Redskins fan! Follow her on twitter @CMalloy13.
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