Three lessons on teamwork during adversity from the Seattle Seahawks




Sunday was the NFL’s Championship Sunday.  In the NFC Championship Game, the Seattle Seahawks came back and beat the Green Bay Packers in overtime 28-22.  They are going to their second consecutive Super Bowl.  Here are three lessons on teamwork during adversity from the Seattle Seahawks.

1. Be positive and motivate

2. Focus on solutions

3. Trust yourself and the team

SeahawksNFC15Be positive and motivate

Down 16 points, the Seattle Seahawks kept a positive attitude.  They motivated and encouraged each other.  After each play they were celebrating.  They danced and gave each other high-fives.  The Seahawks never became despondent.  They did not give up.  When a team is not performing well, frustrations mount and often the environment becomes hopeless and confrontational.  In these situations, suffocate any negative emotions that you feel building.  Display a positive attitude and motivate your team.

Focus on solutions

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson threw a pass that was intended for wide receiver Jermaine Kearse.  It was intercepted.  After the turnover, the two men were on the sideline going over their playbook together.  They were not yelling and blaming each other for the interception.  They reviewed their strategy and discussed solutions to correct their mistakes.  When things are going bad, do not fall into the trap of pointing fingers.  Go back to your game plan and focus on solutions to win.

Trust yourself and the teamKearseCatch

Russell Wilson threw four interceptions during the game’s regulation.  He did not have one touchdown pass.  In overtime, on first and ten with over 11 minutes left, Russell Wilson threw a 35-yard pass to Jermaine Kearse.  This time it was caught and ended up the game-winning touchdown.  Since it was first and ten, Seattle could have played it safe and used a play designed to gain shorter yards.  It would have been reasonable for them to think, “We have gotten beaten all day on pass plays (Russell threw four interceptions!), let’s just go with a running play.” The Seahawks trusted themselves, each other and the game plan.  This was especially important for Russell and Jermaine. They believed and accomplished what they knew they were capable of.  Mistakes are inevitable.  Do not lose your confidence over mistakes. Trust yourself and the team.

Game plans do not always go the way that we envision.  Sometimes, the plan falls completely apart. During difficulties, the team can become gloom and cynical.  In these moments, remember the lessons on teamwork during adversity from the Seattle Seahawks.

Be positive and motivate.  Focus on solutions. Trust yourself and the team.

Game on!

Posted on January 21, 2015 at 7:22 am

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Shavannia Williams

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