The Road To Redemption is Paved in Wins- Michigan Back As A Contender

Last year was Michigan’s Cinderella season. After three of the worst years in a storied program history, Michigan found its legs again in 2011 with an 11-2 record and a Sugar Bowl victory. But the question leading into this season for every Wolverine fan or foe was…is Michigan really back??

They say good things come in threes. Week 8 brought Michigan 3 victories that continue to pave the legendary’s team road to redemption as a Bowl contender and more significantly as a perennial football powerhouse.

Victory #1: Winning Games! At the end of the day to be a contender you have to win games. Michigan’s 5-2 thus far and added a BIG WIN last week with a victory against intrastate rival Michigan State. It was a win the team NEEDED! There are two significant games in Michigan’s schedule – Michigan State and Ohio State. You MUST win one of those to feel like the team is truly contending. Last year the team pulled out a win against OSU but failed to beat MSU for the fourth straight year. That changed last week when the Wolverines brought the Bunyan trophy back to Ann Arbor with a 12-10 win. There are five games left and they need the conference championship to really be considered for a bowl game but the Wolverines are back winning games that matter.

Victory #2: Making History! College sports question for 1,000 points – This team has won the most games in college football history? Cue Jeopardy music (doo doo doo du, doo doo doo du, du doo doo) If you answered Who is the University of Michigan Wolverines you would be correct. Part of Michigan’s storied history is its place as the winningest program in college football and the Wolverine’s elevated this Saturday by becoming the FIRST team to win 900 games.

Victory #3: Committing Recruits! The recipe for a winning team includes top recruits. Coach Hoke and his program has already committed two big recruits, linebacker Michael Ferns and offensive tackle Denzel Ward. Ward gave Coach Hoke his commitment right before kickoff on Saturday. More than a year away from signing national letters of intent in early 2014, Michigan already has two key athletes in its recruitment class. Signing a great linebacker is always a sweet nod for Michigan as the program’s legendary Coach Fieldling H. Yost invented the position (snag that fact for the next time you want to win a little gridiron trivia!). And building the offensive line is top priority for Coach Hoke and his coaching staff and Denzel Ward is suited to be a key player in Coach Hoke’s design.

It’s no small feat to resurrect, especially when you’re walking in the tall shadow of yourself, but Michigan is back on the rise and proving that what makes a great program great is its fight for every yard, inch-by-inch.


Posted on October 25, 2012 at 4:23 pm

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Chicago grown, Kristen was raised on legendary sports teams like the Superbowl Shuffle '85 Bears and the 6x-Champion Bulls Dynasty. She earned her B.A. in Sports Management and Communications with minors in Health and Sociology from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. At U of M she spent 3yrs in marketing and promotions for Michigan Athletics (Go Blue!) In the School of Kinesiology she was a contributing editor for Movement Mazagine and spent a summer abroad in China studying Olympic management and sports rehabilitation. Currently Kristen is a market researcher applying her skills of understanding fans' hearts and minds to global consumer brands. Additionally she's pursuing her Masters of Arts in Communications and Leadership with a concentration in Intercultural Media. To Kristen the game boils down to two things - heart and fundamentals. She's excited about helping women discover their love for the game and find their inner sports diva! Follow her on twitter @missartscritic.
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