Talk the talk, then walk the walk

I recently came across an article devoted to the hottest business trends of 2012.  The article highlighted businesses like financial and advisory services, business franchises as well as consumer goods and services.  As I read through the article focusing mostly on the different types of businesses that fell under those umbrella categories it dawned upon me; what does any of this mean? It was a that point I realized just how important it is to know the terminology and lingo used within any endeavor you chose to pursue; in simpler terms “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.  My point is, no logical person is going to pursue a career in the medical field without taking a course in medical terminology.  So, why do aspiring business owners start their ventures without learning the common terms and first studying the craft.

While many individuals are undeniably talented and have brilliant ideas that are sure to make money, they unfortunately skip the step labeled research.  Is your “big idea” a business focused on consumer goods and services or an advisory-based business.  These questions and answers will be important when developing your business plan because they will determine how the market needs to be approached.  In addition, being knowledgeable in your perspective field will give you credibility and works wonders when promoting amongst perceived customers and chatting with potential business relationships.  In summation, I will leave all future business owners with these 3 tips before jumping head first into the unknown STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!!!!!

Posted on December 5, 2012 at 9:00 am

Written by

Chaneal Malloy

Currently a senior audio production major, sports administration minor attending Howard University in Washington, DC. Upon graduating Chaneal plans to work in the production department of a sports based radio program and explore other career options. Chaneal has interned with the Fresno State Athletic Department, Dream 2 Destiny Film Productions and Central California based radio station B95. A native of Hanford, California, Chaneal loves all sports and is the ultimate Washington Redskins fan! Follow her on twitter @CMalloy13.
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