Playing golf from the ladies tees

Hello ladies!

This is my first piece for this site and I want to give you insight into my world. I play golf professionally for a living. I have the divine luxury of traveling the United States and chasing a ball around trying to get it in a hole in as few strokes possible.

Golf is quite a silly game. Perhaps, it is the most frustrating game to play as well. Now, I’m not an expert on other sports. In fact, I’m as un-athletic as they come. My boyfriend learned quickly to hand me items, rather than tossing them because there is a high possibility I will not catch it.

But, back to golf. I know other professional athletes that play football, baseball, and basketball and all have attested to the fact that golf is the hardest sport they have ever played. Have you ever seen Charles Barkley try to hit a golf ball? It’s painful. Very painful.

For some unknown reason though golf is a highly popular sport. People of all skill levels go out on the weekends with their buddies to a spend few hours torturing themselves but also having a blast doing it. Why you may ask? Golf is a sport that connects people to other people. It’s also a highly individual sport. You can’t blame someone else for not making a putt or hitting a fairway. It all falls on you. Which also makes it the frustrating part.

Even though I play golf for a living, I enjoy playing just for fun. There is a group of amateur golfers that I play with a couple times a week at my home course and we always have a blast. They enjoy being outside and with their friends. It’s their time to connect with people in a way that is active and challenging.

What golf also does though is reveal a person’s character. I can quickly come to the  conclusion if I will get along with a person depending on how he or she acts on the golf course. That is why many business deals are conducted on the golf course.

In addition, golf can teach a person patience, diligence, and learning how to stay in the present. This sport is not only challenging in the skill department, the mental side is what usually does a person in.

Unlike others sports, golf is something you can play for a lifetime. I don’t know any senior citizens playing football still. However, I do know a lot of old-timers teeing it up every week.

If for some reason golf intimidates you or you think it’s a boring sport since no one is getting their head pounded in, I encourage you to give it a chance. For women, golf is a great sport to learn for business and also for self-confidence. You’re not too old to learn and you don’t need the strength of a body builder to play.

It is my hope that through my column you’ll see golf differently. It doesn’t have to be a an uppity sport and you don’t have to be great at it.  I can guarantee you, there is no better feeling than hitting a golf shot solid. Once you do, you’ll be hooked and at the same time you will wish you never started to play such a frustrating game.

Posted on January 24, 2013 at 11:00 am

Written by

Anya Alvarez

I’m a professional golfer who currently lives in Bradenton, Florida. I’ve been playing golf since I could walk and enjoy spreading my joy for the game. I am originally from Oklahoma, went to the University of Washington, majored in history, and played all four years on their golf team. I found myself wishing for warmer weather and figured Florida might be a good fit for me. Turns out I really enjoy the sunshine. I had a brief stint on a reality golf show called Big Break on the Golf Channel and quickly realized that reality TV is not reality. I played two other sports growing up, but hated running so I stuck to golf. My height deficiencies also made it more difficult to ever play sports like basketball competitively. I think that is important for women to learn about sports in particular golf because it is a sport that provides opportunities in business and you can play it well into your eighties! Beyond golf, my knowledge is extremely limited on other sports. For instance, I know a football is sphere shaped and a basketball is round. I also know in most sports the team with the most points win, as opposed to golf where the lowest score wins. So, I’ll be your golf guru and I look forward to learning from the other writers what a pass interference is. Follow me on twitter @anyaalvarez.
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