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Before we get started lets congratulate the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs advancing to the 2013 NBA championship finals. With that said, let’s get into some fashion.

The NBA Finals are here!  Now, a girl needs to know what to wear and where to wear it while cheering on her favorite team or against the team that beat her favorite NBA team. Gone are the days of simply putting on your most comfy sweats or mom jeans paired with a jersey when attending or watching a game amongst the fellas.  We can be sporty yet still chic while partaking in basketball.

spurs retro tee     retro miami tee

To get started you’ll probably want something team or NBA related to get in the spirit of a fan.  This could be a cute team logo fitted tee or even a pair of fitted team logo sweats. Stores like Forever 21 and Alloy have now added many professional sports teams to their merchandise that will leave you looking like a lady and not one of the guys. The only set back with stores like Forever 21, you’ll be hard pressed to find some of their Heat or Spurs items still in stock. There’s always the internet stores like Fans Edge and stores like Nike or even Finish Line that could help in this department. With me the internet is always the first option.

If you’re finding it hard to find a fitted shirt you can always start a simple DIY project with a classic team tee and some scissors. You could design the tee as you would like into an off the shoulder tee, a shredded tee or even a bedazzled tee. We’re looking to be chic here not Martha Stewart.

A cute tee paired with your best cropped jeans and a blazer would be more than appropriate at an actual game. This look could be substituted with feminine cargo camouflage pants which are hot and easy to find right now or maybe a pleated

San Antonio Spurs colors

San Antonio Spurs colors

skirt if you’re felling snazzy with or without the blazer. Remember style is what you make it.

I’m not big on heels at sporting events but if you can work it go for it. A cute pump, wedge sandal, or my preference flat bejeweled sandals or even a trusted pair of Converse could also suffice.

For those of us that are hostesses at heart we opt to stay home, especially because the majority of the games fansedge miamiare during week, with friends and watch the game.  At home the more relaxed look will work.  A simple pair of team sweats with a white tank and flip flops or the cutest Miami Heat socks you couldn’t pass up will work.  Because you’re at home you’re more than likely to whip up some game time food and want to be as comfy as possible to host your guests and get your work done before tip-off.

If you’re attending a house party or sports bar to watch the game your attire doesn’t have to change much from what you could wear at the game.  Jeans and tee will work or if you want to don your favorite player’s jersey you can grab a fitted one to pair with shorts, tailored pants or the go to fav leather leggings.  It’s all about the fit of the jersey and your bottom to separate yourself from just one of the guys and a fashionista.  If all else fails and you don’t have time to go hunting down Miami Heat or San Antonio Spurs apparel just rock the team’s colors with some cute accessories.

Miami Heat colors

Miami Heat colors


Times have changed and so have our options as women when it comes to cheering on our favorite sports teams. Remember to think outside the box with minimal overdoing things and most of all be as comfortable as you desire. Even if that means wearing four inch heels to a Heat and Spurs NBA final game.


Posted on June 6, 2013 at 12:00 pm

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