Labor Day is upon us, ushering in the exciting start of the College Football Season and signaling the start of the regular NFL Season!  While some people may be thinking “who’s going to win the big game?” a more concerning thought I have well before I ever step foot in a stadium is “what to wear to the big game?”   There are several critical factors to creating winning looks for game day.  This article will help you to be Football-Fabulous this season by focusing on Color, Comfort and Coordination. 

COLOR:  “Behold the Green and Gold” or “Rock the Blue and White”????

Which team are you rooting for and what are their colors?  Creatively sporting combinations of your favorite team’s colors is the perfect way to fashionably show your team spirit.  Some football games, like those featuring Historically Black Colleges and Universities, are just as much social events as they are sporting events.  In light of this fact, wearing a regular team T-shirt or Sweatshirt just won’t do.  Try color blocking pieces in your team’s colors as a wonderful way to be Football-Fabulous, while showing your fan support. 

COMFORT:  “Are we there yet”????

You will likely have to do some serious walking to get from the parking lot, to the tailgate and through the “what have you been up to” conversations with folks you haven’t seen in a while, and that’s before you find your seat! Keep in mind that you’ll also be to dancing to the latest radio hits and classics in the stands being played by the band in between trips to the concession stand, so being comfortable is imperative!  I have seen with my own eyes women walking with stilettos in hands from the stands and that is not becoming!  Being Football-Fabulous includes carefully selecting flat or low-heeled shoes or boots that are made for walking.  If your winning look must include heels, keep them under 3 inches and try inserting insoles to make your stems more comfortable.  And for goodness sake, be careful on the stairs, Diva!  There is nothing like taking a tumble in front of thousands of fans, who have paid good money to see some action and will laugh hysterically at the fact that you THOUGHT you were cute!  

Comfortable staples like jumpsuits, rompers, sweater dresses and jersey dresses work well for an easy and comfortable stylish look.  In addition, leggings and well-fitting jeans, that don’t give the person behind you a free peep show when you sit down, are great options with blazers, jackets, sweaters and other cute tops.  

COORDINATION:  “You  gotta co-ordinate!!!!”

Finish of your Football-Fabulous game day look by adding sunglasses if it is bright out.  In addition, a fashionable, large purse is a good functional accessory to carry.  You can pack regular purse essentials and bonus items like snacks, business cards, a camera, and even an umbrella in the event the forecast has even the slightest chance of rain.  To jazz up your casual look add coordinating accessories like colorful earrings, belts, scarves.  For those cold weather games, you will want to be sure you have a nice warm jacket since you’ll be spending hours outside in the elements.  Although it’s a great way to get mistaken for a cast member from “Football Wives”, a short fur and gloves are my staples for warmth and style on those brisk game days and nights.  Oh, and faux works just as well, for those of you who root for animals, too 😉 


Posted on August 30, 2012 at 11:35 am

Written by

Ayisha Dabre

Ayisha Dabre is the President and C.E.O. of Personal Vision Image Consulting, LLC, a business she founded in 2008 after working for over a decade in analyst and management roles in the Federal Government, Aviation and Chemical industries. Ayisha graduated Magna Cum Laude with Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Norfolk State University and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Old Dominion University. Ayisha loves fashion and is passionate about helping individuals achieve their professional and personal goals by ensuring their presentation and image is a reflection of themselves at their best. She will share her expertise in developing a winning look in her contributions to “Fashion.” Follow her on twitter @AyishaFlyisha.
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