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Born and raised in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, Melissa has been exposed to the best and worst of what can happen with professional sports; teams leaving town, dome collapses, brilliant careers ending too soon. Of all of those, her favorite team has become the Minnesota Twins. She attended her first Minnesota Twins game in that magical year of 1987, the year in which the Twins won their first World Series title. Immediately hooked by the game’s ups and downs, Melissa has continued to followed the sport religiously. Marketing Communications professional by day, Minnesota Twins ambassador by night, she is very excited to be covering the MLB. Thank you for reading!

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A Temperamental 2013

The MLB season is only a month old, and already it’s been a crazy, frustrating way to start. We’ve had several games postponed due to rain, sleet, snow, and pretty much any form of precipitation Mother Nature can come up with, witnessed a nasty bench-clearing brawl that put the LA Dodger’s star

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Beloved Boston

I’ll admit it. It’s been hard to have the energy to write about baseball, since up here in Minnesota we’re experiencing the winter that won’t end. (It’s currently snowing outside as I write this.) After dragging my feet for two weeks, I had my first article on the 2013 season ready to go, then

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Baseball: A Novel Idea

Like many baseball fans, I could watch it all day, every day. But I like to read and write about it just as much, if not more. Articles, reports, statistics, books, poetry, you name it. As long as it has a baseball angle, I’m hooked. Baseball has been romanticized, criticized, analyzed in the medium

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A League of Our Own?

Sitting in my neighborhood pub enjoying the St Patrick’s Day atmosphere last Sunday, my gaze turned upwards to the TVs mounted on the walls. One was showing the MLB Network, a special about the greatest players ever to play the game; on another; college softball. Softball, just as the name implies,

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Winter ends when Spring Training begins

Contrary to popular belief, the most wonderful time of the year is actually when spring training starts; at least that’s how a baseball fan feels.  That blessed event occurs during the 2nd week of February when pitchers and catchers report, with the rest of the position players arriving roughly 2-3

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