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Krystle Funches hails from sunny Miami, Florida, where she is surrounded by some of the best golf courses. Her background is in media production and social media managing. She graduated from The Florida State University with a Bachelors Degree in Sociology and Communication. Currently, she is pursuing a Masters of Science degree in Entertainment Business with a concentration in Sports Management. Krystle is excited to share what she is learning about golf and to keep ladies updated about events and news on the green.

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Age Is Nothing But A Number

This old saying has proven itself to be true time and time again, and the events at this week’s New South Wales Open at the Oatlands Golf Club have proved it true once again. 14-year-old Lydia Ko has become the youngest person to win a professional golf tour, male or female. Ko broke the records

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Know Your Clubs

In order to have a great time on the green, you must first know a little about what you’re doing. The first things a golfer learns are the uses for their clubs. Your driver is used for teeing off.   Your wedge is used for hitting short distances and can even be used when you are stuck

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Divot DO’s and DON’Ts

There are many sports that have that list of invisible rules. Golf is one of those sports, because of its rich history and exclusive nature; many of its rules have to do with etiquette and appearance.  One of those rules is to repair your divots. Some of you are like “Divot”? A Divot is that

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Be The Queen Of The Green!

You may not be the next Cristie Kerr or Tiger Woods but you can carry yourself as a world-class golfer. Golf has the reputation of being one of the most refined sports of our time, having a history of being played by Kings andQueens. Given its history it’s obvious why it has this reputation.   So

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