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Chicago grown, Kristen was raised on legendary sports teams like the Superbowl Shuffle '85 Bears and the 6x-Champion Bulls Dynasty. She earned her B.A. in Sports Management and Communications with minors in Health and Sociology from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. At U of M she spent 3yrs in marketing and promotions for Michigan Athletics (Go Blue!) In the School of Kinesiology she was a contributing editor for Movement Mazagine and spent a summer abroad in China studying Olympic management and sports rehabilitation. Currently Kristen is a market researcher applying her skills of understanding fans' hearts and minds to global consumer brands. Additionally she's pursuing her Masters of Arts in Communications and Leadership with a concentration in Intercultural Media. To Kristen the game boils down to two things - heart and fundamentals. She's excited about helping women discover their love for the game and find their inner sports diva! Follow her on twitter @missartscritic.

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Black History & Sports: The First African American Referee to Officiate the Super Bowl

His number – 94. His uniform – white with black stripes. His team – The NFL Officials. His position – senior referee. His legacy – respect. Statistically speaking, you have a better chance of becoming a Navy Seal than a NFL Official – not kidding. However, as elite as being a NFL Official

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Sports + Black History: Winter Olympic Gold Medalist Vonetta Flowers

Well Gals, It’s been one week of 2014 Winter Olympics dreams + victories, have you been following?! Sports are an acute microcosm. They are a piercing, rich peer into a dominant culture’s broader societal norms + beliefs. If you’re curious about progress and equality, sports are a telltale space

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Black History + Sports Series: First African American Sports Commentator to do Play-by-Play for the Super Bowl

Gridiron Girls! Today is Championship Day. Super Bowl XLVIII. Broncos vs. Seahawks. “Battle of the Quarterbacks.” Manning vs. Wilson. The Veteran vs. The Sophomore. Super Bowl Sunday is a great way to kickoff our our Black History + Sports series! Sports is a high-octane microcosm of larger

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NCAA Week 14 Recap: What We’re Talking About

Was your blood pressure beyond HIGH all weekend?! I mean, stroke-level high?! It had to have been! Single-handedly the most exciting, nail biting, thrilling, shocking week in college football this season, RIVALRY WEEK DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Week 14 was a DOWN-TO-THE-LAST-SECOND-PRAYING-FOR-A-FOOTBALL-MIRACLE

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Rivalry Week: Some Saturdays Matter More

All games are not created equal. Preseason games work kinks out of systems. Conference games tally wins and loses. Bowl games declare champions. And then there are Rivalries. Rivalries are bitter, deep-seeded, long-lasting. Rivalry games satisfy ego; earn bragging rights and pride. These matchups

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