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Currently a senior audio production major, sports administration minor attending Howard University in Washington, DC. Upon graduating Chaneal plans to work in the production department of a sports based radio program and explore other career options. Chaneal has interned with the Fresno State Athletic Department, Dream 2 Destiny Film Productions and Central California based radio station B95. A native of Hanford, California, Chaneal loves all sports and is the ultimate Washington Redskins fan! Follow her on twitter @CMalloy13.

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You will always find what you’re LOOKING for!

  “Wow, how’d you hear about that?” This is a question I’ve been asked numerous times in reference to various career and internship opportunities that I have secured, from working with the San Francisco Giants to ESPN Radio.  Many seem to be quite surprised by the sheer simplicity

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Talk the talk, then walk the walk

I recently came across an article devoted to the hottest business trends of 2012.  The article highlighted businesses like financial and advisory services, business franchises as well as consumer goods and services.  As I read through the article focusing mostly on the different types of businesses

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Winter Wonderland? Not So Much!

Working out during the winter season can be a real drag.  Many will agree that even a beautiful day calls for a little motivation when attempting to lace up your workout shoes.  The chillier months however, call for an even bigger source of stimulus so in an attempt to keep those post holiday pounds

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Why Diet When You Can Live Healthy?

I’m going on a DIET; this statement has the power to strike fear in the hearts of women everywhere.  OK, maybe that was a little over-dramatic; however, it is no secret that at any given moment not only do most of us know someone on a diet, but also how unhappy they are to be on one. “I’m starting

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