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Ayisha Dabre is the President and C.E.O. of Personal Vision Image Consulting, LLC, a business she founded in 2008 after working for over a decade in analyst and management roles in the Federal Government, Aviation and Chemical industries. Ayisha graduated Magna Cum Laude with Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Norfolk State University and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Old Dominion University. Ayisha loves fashion and is passionate about helping individuals achieve their professional and personal goals by ensuring their presentation and image is a reflection of themselves at their best. She will share her expertise in developing a winning look in her contributions to “Fashion.” Follow her on twitter @AyishaFlyisha.

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  Labor Day is upon us, ushering in the exciting start of the College Football Season and signaling the start of the regular NFL Season!  While some people may be thinking “who’s going to win the big game?” a more concerning thought I have well before I ever step foot in a stadium is “what

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Cool Shades: Choosing the Perfect Sunglasses

As you are out enjoying the beautiful spring and summer days ahead, in addition to applying sun screen to protect your skin, don’t forget to wear a great pair of shades!  While they also look very cool, sunglasses are vital for every day protection of your delicate eyes from the sun’s harmful

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Is White Right???

As this spring gets in full swing, many people struggle with one difficult fashion etiquette decision…”Is it right to wear white before Memorial Day???” While Americans lucky enough to live in warm weather climates such as Hawaii, California, or Florida usually wear their white year round, those of

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Fit & Fabrics…The NFL’s Latest Fashion Statement

Ladies, if you didn’t already pay attention to the finer details of your favorite team’s game-day gear, the NFL and Nike have just given you a reason to with their latest roll out of new uniforms for all 32 NFL Teams. While you may be wondering why this matters to you personally, choosing the right fit

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