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I’m a professional golfer who currently lives in Bradenton, Florida. I’ve been playing golf since I could walk and enjoy spreading my joy for the game. I am originally from Oklahoma, went to the University of Washington, majored in history, and played all four years on their golf team. I found myself wishing for warmer weather and figured Florida might be a good fit for me. Turns out I really enjoy the sunshine. I had a brief stint on a reality golf show called Big Break on the Golf Channel and quickly realized that reality TV is not reality. I played two other sports growing up, but hated running so I stuck to golf. My height deficiencies also made it more difficult to ever play sports like basketball competitively. I think that is important for women to learn about sports in particular golf because it is a sport that provides opportunities in business and you can play it well into your eighties! Beyond golf, my knowledge is extremely limited on other sports. For instance, I know a football is sphere shaped and a basketball is round. I also know in most sports the team with the most points win, as opposed to golf where the lowest score wins. So, I’ll be your golf guru and I look forward to learning from the other writers what a pass interference is. Follow me on twitter @anyaalvarez.

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Learning to Have the Mindset to Win

I don’t know how many of you have watched Tiger Woods play in a tournament either on television or live, but Woods, like many great champions, has great intensity and focus. The only thing he is worried about is how he will get the golf ball in the hole in as few strokes possible. He doesn’t

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Learning the Fundamentals of Golf

So you’re interested in starting to play the game of golf? Or perhaps you took lessons in the past and have forgotten which way of the club is up and down. Maybe you’re wanting to learn so you can go play with your significant other or because you think it will help you get a career boost. Or

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Golf is Not A Game for Sissies

Often times I hear people say who have never played golf, “That’s not a real sport!” or “Golf is so easy.” I listen in annoyance and immediately know that person has never played a round of golf nor have they have ever attempted to hit a golf ball. No, a person doesn’t leave a golf course

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Playing golf from the ladies tees

Hello ladies! This is my first piece for this site and I want to give you insight into my world. I play golf professionally for a living. I have the divine luxury of traveling the United States and chasing a ball around trying to get it in a hole in as few strokes possible. Golf is quite a silly

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