Age Is Nothing But A Number

This old saying has proven itself to be true time and time again, and the events at this week’s New South Wales Open at the Oatlands Golf Club have proved it true once again. 14-year-old Lydia Ko has become the youngest person to win a professional golf tour, male or female. Ko broke the records set by Ryo Ishikawa’s mark of 15 years, 8 months, and Amy Yang’s women’s record of 16 years, 192 days in the Australian Ladies Masters.

This wasn’t the story at last years South Wales Open, where Ko suffered an upsetting defeat, but with great struggle comes great success. Channeling the loss of last year Ko was able to come out on top.

“When Lindsey got within two shots, I started to think back to last year with Caroline. Obviously, I am very happy to win, it means a lot to me.”

Ko credits her driver and iron play as her good luck charms this past weekend, making birdie on the 15th hole and finishing with 3 pars. Taking home the title by four strokes.

“It the most relaxing part of the day. I think I’ll go into a deep sleep tonight. I don’t think I’ll celebrate too much it is so meaningful inside but I have a tournament next week.”

Spoken like a woman headed for the U.S Women’s Open.

Posted on March 24, 2012 at 2:42 am

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