A Temperamental 2013

The MLB season is only a month old, and already it’s been a crazy, frustrating way to start. We’ve had several games postponed due to rain, sleet, snow, and pretty much any form of precipitation Mother Nature can come up with, witnessed a nasty bench-clearing brawl that put the LA Dodger’s star pitcher Zach Greinke on the Disabled List (DL for short), and wondered what is going on with our favorite teams and/or players. I have a feeling it’s only going to get wilder as the season progresses.

However, what is happening with the performances of teams or players isn’t the best way to gage how the season will go, so let’s not throw our arms up in despair just yet. (This means you, Cubs fans!) Many are finding their groove with new teams and coaches, learning to get used to new clubhouse dynamics and working out the jitters form being back after nearly five months off. Such is the case with R.A. Dickey, now with the Toronto Blue Jays. After winning 20 games with the New York Mets and the 2012 NL Cy Young award, he is now at 2-4 and trying to get back to form in order to help his new team make some headway amidst the toughest division in the AL. Currently, the Jays are in last place with a record of 9-17, but this won’t dissuade Dickey and the rest of the team from pushing themselves and proving they have the right mix of talent to be a contender in 2013.

While Stephen Strasburg of the Washington Nationals isn’t dealing with being on a new team, it’s his past health issues, which were the root cause for the Nats to shut him down prior to their playoff run last fall, that have reemerged. In the running for the Cy Young award last season, his record so far has dropped to 1-4, and there had been talk just today that he will be pulled from his next start due to tightness in his right forearm. But no worries now, fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Strasburg’s been given to go-ahead to pitch in his next start. Regardless of today’s decision, Nationals manager Davey Johnson and GM Mike Rizzo want to play it safe if they want to make it through the next five, potentially six, months with him. Don’t be surprised if pull him out of the starting rotation for a time at some point later down the road.

Because of these nail-biting moments and bizarre scenarios that the fans have had to deal with so early on, perhaps the MLB can squeeze in another gameday giveaway. May I suggest one of those stress balls in the form of a baseball to help us all cope? Just an idea.


Posted on April 30, 2013 at 9:38 pm

Written by

Melissa J Dargay

Born and raised in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, Melissa has been exposed to the best and worst of what can happen with professional sports; teams leaving town, dome collapses, brilliant careers ending too soon. Of all of those, her favorite team has become the Minnesota Twins. She attended her first Minnesota Twins game in that magical year of 1987, the year in which the Twins won their first World Series title. Immediately hooked by the game’s ups and downs, Melissa has continued to followed the sport religiously. Marketing Communications professional by day, Minnesota Twins ambassador by night, she is very excited to be covering the MLB. Thank you for reading!
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