2015 NFL Scouting Combine

The NFL’s interview process for players known as “The Combine” begins today.  It is an invitation-only event from February 17 – 23 in Indianapolis, Indiana at Lucas Oil Stadium.  More than 300 prospective NFL players will be examined mentally and physically.  NFL representatives from all 32 clubs will evaluate their performances in preparation for the NFL Draft.

Combine Drills

1. 40-yard Dash – Known as “the 40,” this is the most popular event at the Combine.  Players are timed running 40 yards.  Like track sprinting events, this drill is all about speed.

2. Bench Press – This test is for strength and endurance.  Players bench 225 pounds as many reps as they can.  This will show who really spent time in the weight room in college.

3. Vertical Jump – Players stand straight up and stretch their hand to the sky.  The measurement of this point is the reach.  The player then jumps to hit a flag.  He must jump without running or rocking.  The difference between the reach and the flag is the measurement for “the vertical.”  This will show scouts the strength of the lower body.
4. Broad Jump – This is like a long jump without running.  Players stand and jump frontward as far as they can.  This is not only about the distance. The key is landing and not falling.  Scouts are looking for good balance.
5. 3 Cone Drill – Players run around 3 cones in an L shape and back.  This is to test an athlete’s ability to change directions at a high speed.
6. 5-10-5 – The actual name is the Shuttle Run.  Basically the player has to run 5 yards to his right and touch the yard line, run 10 yards to his left and touch the yard line, then run a final 5 yards to the right to finish.

Here is the schedule for on-field workouts at this year’s combine.
Friday, Feb. 20: Specialists, offensive linemen, tight ends
Saturday, Feb. 21: Quarterbacks, running backs wide receivers
Sunday: Feb. 22: Defensive linemen, linebackers
Monday, Feb. 23: Defensive backs

Numbers for the 2015 Combine

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) has the most players (68) attending.

Florida State has the most players (12) participating.

Eight (8) power conference schools have no participants: Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, and Vanderbilt.

15 quarterbacks were invited; the fewest since at least 2005.

One (1) Division III school, Hobart (N.Y.), has one participant.

What will happen this year?  Will Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston throw or wait for the Seminoles’ pro day?  Will someone beat the 40-yard record (4.24 seconds) that Chris Johnson set at the 2008 Combine?  

Posted on February 17, 2015 at 7:14 am

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